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How Do Chicken Shares Work?

From June through October, you choose the most convenient pick up location (listed below). We bring your monthly share the first week of each month. (If you need to change the pickup location or week just let us know)

How large are the chickens?

On average 4.5# per bird

Will I receive the giblets with my chicken?

Yes, inside the cavity of each bird you will find the liver, heart, & neck

How much does the Chicken CSA Cost?

Whole Chicken
Total Price
Full Share
$380 (4 chickens per month)
1/2 Share
$200 (2 chicken per month)

How Do Produce Shares Work?

Starting the first week of June and running through October you will receive 6-10 types of fresh produce per share. You choose the most convenient pick up location (listed below). Full shares are distributed weekly & half shares are distributed every other week. (If you need to change the pickup location or week just let us know)

How much does the Produce CSA Cost?

Produce CSA
Total Price

Full Share
(21 deliveries per season)
1/2 Share
(11 deliveries per season)

What is a CSA:

According to the USDA's Definition, CSA's or Community Supported Agriculture consists of a community of individuals who pledge support to a farm operation. In return the members or shareholders pledge in advance to cover the anticipated costs of the farm operation and receive shares in the farm's bounty through out the growing season. In other words--You, the consumer, will receive freshly picked, locally grown, chemical free produce which is full of flavor and/or organically fed pasture raised whole fryer chickens by prepaying for weekly/monthly shares. This will help us, the grower, reduce the risk of farming. We and you go through the growing season together.
In ideal seasons, your produce shares may be very bountiful, but if or when the weather is less than optimal, crops may not be as plentiful so your shares may not receive as much of certain produce varieties.

The per share price is determined by growing costs before the type of growing season is ever known, therefore, money is not refunded in less plentiful years, nor is extra money asked for when there is an over abundance of produce during a growing season. This agreement to share the risk and harvest together is the foundation of any CSA program.

Our goal is to provide you, on average, 6-10 different types of fresh vegetables during the regular growing season here in Illinois which starts in June and goes through October. Early in the growing season you may receive only 6-8 types of produce, but later on in the growing season you may receive 9-10 different types of produce. Remember, we are following the Central Illinois growing season, meaning when it is ready for picking you will receive it in your share.

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Grandma and Grandpa's Farm

NOTE:Since all farmer’s markets end at the end of September, all October pickups will be at Junction City on Saturdays.

Pick-Up Locations:

*Grandma & Grandpa’s Farm
 476 County Road, 950 N. Sparland, IL 61565 on Thursday from 3pm-6pm (on our farm)

*Junction City Farmer’s Market
 5901 N. Prospect Rd, Peoria, IL 61614 on Wednesday from 3pm-6pm. (at our booth)

*Peoria Riverfront Farmer’s Market
 Downtown Peoria, IL (200 block of Water Street, Peoria IL. 61614. In the Martini's parking lot, Saturdays from  8am - noon. (at our booth)

 (Pick up locations are subject to change but we will notify clients if they happen)

About Our Chickens:

Our chickens are raised from late spring thru early fall.  The chicks are delivered to us right out of the shell as wee balls of peeping fluff—small enough to hold in the palm of your hand.  We keep them warm inside under heat lamps. The chickens are fed only organic feed containing cracked corn, soybeans, kelp for calcium, vitamins A, B, D, E and even yogurt type ingredients to keep them healthy. They also get plenty of fresh well water to drink.

Once the chickens have outgrown their original home they are moved out to pasture where they enjoy scratching around in their grass & clover pasture, eating bugs and certified organic feed. They sleep in partially covered, 8 ft. x 12 ft. pens so they will be safe from predators. Our “happy chickens” get plenty of fresh air, sunshine and exercise.

Our chickens have never been given antibiotics nor have any preservatives been added during their final processing. 

Growing Local and  Sustainably Raised  Food

About Our Produce:

On our farm we grow a wide variety of sustainably raised produce which is picked within days and sometimes hours of when you receive it. We are not certified organic however; we don’t use any synthetic fertilizers or chemicals in the growing of our produce. We choose to build up our soil with cover crops, good crop rotation and natural fertilizers. Weeds are kept out of produce beds the old fashioned way by hoeing, pulling and/or tilling them in before they have a chance to go to seed. Insects are watched for and dealt with either by picking them off by hand, or using natural deterrents like cedar oil, kaolin clay, hot pepper solutions, or soapy water. Our goal is to make sure you have the safest & healthiest food possible.