Growing Local and  Sustainably Raised  Food

Grandma and Grandpa's Farm


Grandma & Grandpa’s pasture raised chickens are fed only certified organic feed, have never been given antibiotics nor have any preservatives been added during their final processing.

Grandma & Grandpa’s chickens are delivered to us right out of the shell (3 days old) as wee balls of peeping fluff—small enough to hold in the palm of your hand.  We keep them warm inside under heat lamps (93 degrees)--and dry. The chickens are fed only certified organic feed containing cracked corn, soybeans, kelp for calcium, vitamins A, B, D, E and even yogurt type ingredients to keep them healthy. They also get plenty of fresh well water to drink.
Once the chickens are between 2-3 weeks old they are moved out to pasture so they can get plenty of fresh air and exercise. They enjoy scratching around in their clover pasture and eating bugs and certified organic feed.  They sleep & lounge in their partially covered, open air, 8 ft. x 12 ft. pens so they will be safe from predators. These open air pens are moved daily so our "happy chickens" will have plenty of fresh grass to lounge in and peck through.
Finally, our chickens are taken on a 3 hour trip to be processed in Arthur, IL—a poultry processing shop in IL who process chickens in the most humane way possible.​


For additional details on purchasing & prices please contact us at or by phone 309-213-0242.
Sorry, but we do not send our whole fryers through the mail.

Whole fryers can be picked up at any of the farmer's markets we attend, at the farm or by subscribing to our CSA.