According to the USDA's Definition, CSA's or Community Supported Agriculture consists of a community of individuals who pledge support to a farm operation. Read More...

My husband & I are still trying to uncover all the history of Grandma & Grandpa's Farm Read More...

History of our Farm.

Grandma and Grandpa's Farm

Grandma & Grandpa’s chickens are delivered to us right out of the shell (3 days old) as wee balls of peeping fluff—small enough to hold in the palm of your hand. Read More...

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Our Mission

Winter Season Whole Chicken Shares !

(Reserving Shares through November 30, 2019)

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Our Chickens

  • We will be offering Whole Fryer Chicken CSA's  again this WINTER. Thank you to all who partnered with us and purchased a Whole or half Chicken Share last year. We hope you enjoyed your organically fed and pasture raised chickens and the ease of just picking up your prepaid shares throughout the season.


  • Whole Fryer Chicken CSA's will also again be available next year between the months of June through October.

  • As well as both Full & Half share Produce CSA's again next year. The Full Produce CSA will consist of 21 share deliveries from June-October 2020. The Half Produce CSA  will consist of 11 share deliveries from June-October 2020. Each share will consist of about 10 items per share delivery. Variety depends on what is ready in the garden each week. (Please click on the "Join our CSA" tab for more details)

To provide sustainably raised nutritious food for our community and be a friendly, fun, and educational farm to visit. Our farm is based on the love of people and preserving the land and community around us.

Winter Season Whole Chicken CSAs now available!

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Growing Local and  Sustainably Raised  Food

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